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18 January, 2014

Music Video: Garbage - "The World Is Not Enough"

I know, this is totally turn of the century.
Let me explain: I was watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles a while back and had a very pleasant nostalgiagasm when Shirley Manson joined the cast as a really bad ass robot. I hadn't listened to a Garbage song since 1999 and I only vaguely remembered the music videos, so I decided to look up a few of their songs.
Needless to say, I enjoyed the music video below (from director Philipp Stölzl) to an almost inappropriate degree. Mainly because it now makes even more sense to me that she was cast as the aforementioned totally kick ass robot woman, but also for other reasons...

Spoiler warning: triple click here to reveal. Yeah, that part where she is kissing herself to death? I had absolutely no recollection of it. Enjoy!