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16 November, 2013

Music Video Double Bill: Lily Allen & M.I.A. - You Always Live Again, Bitch

So there's probably no need to tell you that Lily Allen is totally awesome. In case you've forgotten though, here she is, back again with a genuinely hilarious track entitled "Hard Out Here". It becomes pretty clear as soon as you see the music video that this isn't your run of the mill songstress comeback. Allen has once again found a way to "feed the machine and piss on it too", as a random Facebook user who will never see this post put it. Directed by Christopher Sweeney, and brimming with jabs at recent horrifying music/music video releases, check it out below.

If there's anyone we think is more bad ass than Lily Allen, it has to be the beautiful and talented M.I.A.
We're featuring the music video to her latest track, entitled "Y.A.L.A.". The video, from director David Sannwald, is a visually intense glow-in-the-dark tripped out response to the crappy mottoes of the mainstream music industry. Check out the video and let M.I.A. tell you why You Always Live Again.
Watch while high. We're just kidding! (No we're not)