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28 June, 2013

Listen: Washed Out - "Don't Give Up"

Washed Out have been our go-to beach band since we discovered them last year. Here is their latest single, "Don't Give Up", off the upcoming album Paracosm, just in time for the poolside season.
Besides the fact that it's a great track, we like to think that the title is a great theme for this summer in Lebanon. So don't give up, and enjoy!

25 June, 2013

Music Video: Little Dragon - "Crystalfilm"

Little Dragon make a great summertime listen, whether you're lazying around by a pool, road tripping with your buddies, or partying the night away.
We've posted a couple of Little Dragon videos before. You can check them out here and here.
Today's video for "Crystalfilm" is edited from snippets of a haunting Czech short film by Daniel Wirtberg entitled "Julia". Have a listen to one of our favorite tunes by Little Dragon and as always, enjoy!

21 June, 2013

Music Video: Feist - "1234"

MechanoChameleon has been a big fan of the beautiful Leslie Feist for a while now, and after a stretch of silence we're back with an audibly and very visually pleasing bit of art to make up for lost times!

"1234" is accompanied by a beautifully choreographed and whimsically colorful music video that makes us smile every time, and the song is a lovely melange of sweet, sad and hopeful.

Check it out, and if you enjoy this music video check out our other Feist posts here and here.