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28 April, 2013

Mechanical Chameleon Art: Part IV

We've had the pleasure of working with a few very talented artists on our Mechanical Chameleon Art Project so far. Today, we are very happy to finally present our latest contribution from the lovely Omar Al Fil (Thanks!).
Say hello to the Super MechanoChameleon, as we've come to call him at the headquarters. We particularly love his very handy pincer-tipped tongue and his Deadshot-style laser eye. Not to mention the armor! Click here to check out the rest of our MC Art Project submissions, and click on the image to see more from Omar.

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16 April, 2013

Music Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sacrilege"

One of our favorite bands, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released an album entitled 'Mosquito' last week and are already buzzing their way into top news slots in the music world. "Sacrilege" is a hard-hitting tune that adheres to the YYYs' usual uncompromising musical brews, and the music video is an intense, retroverse story that just keeps getting better and better every time you rewatch it. Director Megaforce brings us into a Twin Peaks-inspired world that tells a twisted tale over four glorious musical minutes. Enjoy!

06 April, 2013

Music Video: Kelpe - "Answered"

Kelpe is a London-based music producer who is known for his heavy electronic beats and enticingly rich trip hop tracks. Accompanying a track entitled "Answered", the music video below is directed by Jonathan Lieb, and takes us along on a night out with a pretty young lady to the ear-tingling sounds of Kelpe's latest release. Enjoy!