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24 December, 2013

Music Video: Lily Allen - "Somewhere Only We Know"

The festive season is upon us, folks. And since I'm too busy eating, hibernating, and enjoying my time, I'll let the video do all the talking today. The MechanoChameleon wishes you merry holidays and a very happy 2014!

To my hare <3

16 November, 2013

Music Video Double Bill: Lily Allen & M.I.A. - You Always Live Again, Bitch

So there's probably no need to tell you that Lily Allen is totally awesome. In case you've forgotten though, here she is, back again with a genuinely hilarious track entitled "Hard Out Here". It becomes pretty clear as soon as you see the music video that this isn't your run of the mill songstress comeback. Allen has once again found a way to "feed the machine and piss on it too", as a random Facebook user who will never see this post put it. Directed by Christopher Sweeney, and brimming with jabs at recent horrifying music/music video releases, check it out below.

If there's anyone we think is more bad ass than Lily Allen, it has to be the beautiful and talented M.I.A.
We're featuring the music video to her latest track, entitled "Y.A.L.A.". The video, from director David Sannwald, is a visually intense glow-in-the-dark tripped out response to the crappy mottoes of the mainstream music industry. Check out the video and let M.I.A. tell you why You Always Live Again.
Watch while high. We're just kidding! (No we're not)

10 October, 2013

Music Video: Grimes - "Genesis"

It's been a while, and I'm happy to say that for the past few weeks the mechanical chameleon has been on an almost exclusive diet of Grimes. The Canadian artist took the internet by storm this year, but not before we started developing a healthy obsession after seeing this
Below is one of Grimes's better known tracks, accompanied by the most distracting music video we've ever seen (again, directed by the artist herself). So here she is once more in all her glory, Grimes. Enjoy!

28 June, 2013

Listen: Washed Out - "Don't Give Up"

Washed Out have been our go-to beach band since we discovered them last year. Here is their latest single, "Don't Give Up", off the upcoming album Paracosm, just in time for the poolside season.
Besides the fact that it's a great track, we like to think that the title is a great theme for this summer in Lebanon. So don't give up, and enjoy!

25 June, 2013

Music Video: Little Dragon - "Crystalfilm"

Little Dragon make a great summertime listen, whether you're lazying around by a pool, road tripping with your buddies, or partying the night away.
We've posted a couple of Little Dragon videos before. You can check them out here and here.
Today's video for "Crystalfilm" is edited from snippets of a haunting Czech short film by Daniel Wirtberg entitled "Julia". Have a listen to one of our favorite tunes by Little Dragon and as always, enjoy!

21 June, 2013

Music Video: Feist - "1234"

MechanoChameleon has been a big fan of the beautiful Leslie Feist for a while now, and after a stretch of silence we're back with an audibly and very visually pleasing bit of art to make up for lost times!

"1234" is accompanied by a beautifully choreographed and whimsically colorful music video that makes us smile every time, and the song is a lovely melange of sweet, sad and hopeful.

Check it out, and if you enjoy this music video check out our other Feist posts here and here.

28 April, 2013

Mechanical Chameleon Art: Part IV

We've had the pleasure of working with a few very talented artists on our Mechanical Chameleon Art Project so far. Today, we are very happy to finally present our latest contribution from the lovely Omar Al Fil (Thanks!).
Say hello to the Super MechanoChameleon, as we've come to call him at the headquarters. We particularly love his very handy pincer-tipped tongue and his Deadshot-style laser eye. Not to mention the armor! Click here to check out the rest of our MC Art Project submissions, and click on the image to see more from Omar.

beep boop bloop

16 April, 2013

Music Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sacrilege"

One of our favorite bands, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released an album entitled 'Mosquito' last week and are already buzzing their way into top news slots in the music world. "Sacrilege" is a hard-hitting tune that adheres to the YYYs' usual uncompromising musical brews, and the music video is an intense, retroverse story that just keeps getting better and better every time you rewatch it. Director Megaforce brings us into a Twin Peaks-inspired world that tells a twisted tale over four glorious musical minutes. Enjoy!

06 April, 2013

Music Video: Kelpe - "Answered"

Kelpe is a London-based music producer who is known for his heavy electronic beats and enticingly rich trip hop tracks. Accompanying a track entitled "Answered", the music video below is directed by Jonathan Lieb, and takes us along on a night out with a pretty young lady to the ear-tingling sounds of Kelpe's latest release. Enjoy!

24 March, 2013

Music Video: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)"

We've caught on to an awesome band recently thanks to our music and film guru, Mr. Heavy G. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is a low key band with a smooth, clean sound and really awesome music videos. It was a combination we just could not resist! Below is the music video to a track entitled "Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)". Ironically, the reason we absolutely loved this puppet animation is because it is so real and relatable. It also helped that the music (generally a rule with Unknown Mortal Orchestra) was excellent. Enjoy!

08 March, 2013

Music Video: Tegan and Sara - "Now I'm All Messed Up"

Another post featuring our favorite band, and not surprising, seeing as this track is constantly playing at the MechanoChameleon offices (my bedroom!)
This time we couldn't wait until the release of the actual music video and decided the lyric video was actually awesome enough to get its own post! Tegan and Sara change styles, voices, genres with every album release, but this time it was so drastic and so good that we didn't even get a chance to catch our breath. "Now I'm All Messed Up" is our second favorite track off their latest album, entitled Heartthrob. Check out the absolutely tripped out lyric video created by Travis Hopkins, and enjoy!

14 February, 2013

Music Video: Steven Wilson - "The Raven That Refused To Sing"

Yes, we outgrew the melancholy sound of Porcupine Tree lead's solo efforts quite a while ago, but the man has outdone himself with this one. We actually like this more for the video than the tune -even though the song itself is beautiful- so major respect to directors Jess Cope and Simon Cartwright. Creative animated music videos that are well-made and appropriate to the music are one thing we promise we will never, ever outgrow. Check out this haunting piece by Mr. Steven Wilson. Quoth the Raven "Nevermore".

13 February, 2013

Music Video: Toro y Moi - "Say That"

Chaz Budnick is one fly nerd. Here's one of our previous posts as proof. And if that wasn't enough, check out this new track off his latest album 'Anything in Return'. If you liked it, you will love the remix (a.k.a. re-freak). The music video really got us out of our winter slump, so give it a listen and as always, enjoy!

12 February, 2013

Music Video: Regina Spektor - "All The Rowboats"

The lovely and talented Regina Spektor has been exciting our senses with her strangely beautiful tunes for years. Here is a sample of her latest album entitled What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, directed by Adria Petty and Peter Sluszka. Enjoy!

06 February, 2013

Music Video: Tame Impala - "Mind Mischief"

Tame Impala are definitely one of our new favorite bands. We've posted a couple of videos by the Australian group before, and this one is just as good. Have a look, and enjoy!

01 January, 2013

Music Video: The White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army"

Happy new year, friends and followers! This was a bit of a slow blogging year for MechanoChameleon, as we've been busy with a whole lot of things, including moving into a new office space! But we kept it going and will hopefully continue to deliver only the finest forms of digital entertainment to all you lovely folks in 2013! Last night, as we reveled and rioted with our friends at Who Bit the Apple? we remembered this absolutely awesome music video to a classic tune and thought you guys would like it. So here it is, and may this year be filled with good music and fun times for all of us! Enjoy :)