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19 December, 2012

Sóley - I'll Drown (Live on KEXP)

We don't usually post live performances but this lovely, melodic tune by Sóley caught our attention at first listen. Sometimes it's a good thing when you can't properly figure out lyrics because it leaves you with room to enjoy the sensuous aspect of a song and avoid looking for meanings that may or may not be there. This applies perfectly to the first time we heard this song: play it in the background, don't stress the words, and enjoy!

15 December, 2012

Music Video: Mogwai - "Travel Is Dangerous"

This is the beautifully animated accompaniment to Mogwai's "Travel Is Dangerous". It earned a spot on MechanoChameleon, not just because we love clever animation, but also because we have been fans of Mogwai for a long, long time, and think they are grossly underexposed. Enjoy these few minutes of art, and let us know what you think!

11 December, 2012

Five Secret Santa Gifts For Your Geek Friends

The festive season is well underway in Beirut and many of you will want to do some gift-shopping this week. So, if you're stuck in a sticky secret Santa situation, or if you're just in the market for a cool present for a friend, check out this list.

"The Flash" Flash USB (35,000 LBP)
The recent trend of comic book film adaptations has created a major interest in DC and Marvel comics. Whether your friend is a long-time fan or a recent convert, they will love this flash USB in the shape of Flash. And if you think your friend would prefer another comic book hero, the flash drive is available in many other character designs.

Star Wars Bobbleheads (30,000 LBP)
For the space/sci-fi geek, you really can't go wrong with Star Wars merchandise, especially seeing as there are over 10 different characters and 3 different designs to choose from. These head-bobbing figures are great desk decorations for any fan of the films.

Frostmourne Key Chain (20,000 LBP)
Most gamers will have played at least one of the Warcraft games at some point in their lives, and any Warcraft fan would tell you that a miniature version of Frostmourne is an awesome thing to keep in your pocket at all times. If your friend hates Arthas, gift them the blade of his nemesis, Illidan, or choose from a number of other Warcraft-themed key chains.

Guy Fawkes Mask (20,000 LBP)
Ever since V for Vendetta, the Guy Fawkes mask has been the face of protests and revolutions all over the world. If you are shopping for a film buff, this awesome mask will make a great wall decoration, and may even come in handy in case of a televised emergency.

Death Note Notebook (30,000 LBP)

Anime geeks are aplenty in Lebanon. Even older folks have seen and loved at least one anime in their lifetime (Grendizer, this means you). Death Note is one of the more widespread animes out there, and has attracted fans from all walks of life. This notebook is complete with the 'Rules' section and a whole lot of blank pages, so it will be useful as well as good looking.

The items listed above are available at Gift Mania, Hamra, Bliss Street.

05 December, 2012

Three Tracks By: The Funeral Suits [Music Videos]

We have been getting some great recommendations recently, and we thought these music videos were worth sharing. The Funeral Suits is a fresh Irish band with an exciting take on the classic Brit Pop genre. These music videos are entertaining to say the least, mainly because they tell a story of sorts, disturbing as it may be. So, if you're up for an interesting yet unsettling set of videos to knock back while you are on your lunch break, this is where you will find them. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

04 December, 2012

Music Video: Marble Sounds - "Sky High"

We appreciate a good animated video, even more so when it is set to the sounds of good music. Today's music video feature is a song by Marble Sounds, a little-known band from Belgium. The animation in the video is strange but simple, sad but sweet. It was recommended to us by the beautiful folks over at Paper Moon, who originally wanted us to post this video by Marble Sound, but we liked this one better! Enjoy!

02 December, 2012

Music Video: Feist - "Mushaboom"

MechanoChameleon's favorite Feist song, "Mushaboom", comes to life in this beautifully executed music video (possibly inspired by Paprika) that takes us on a colorful journey. It begins with the lovely Leslie singing along to her own song, which is playing in the background, and then it quite suddenly explodes into dream-state when her toast slices grow wings and go right out the window. Yep, you heard us. Have a look at this lovely combination of sight and sound, and have a lovely Sunday evening! Enjoy ;)