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25 November, 2012

Music Video: Flying Lotus - "MmmHmm"

We hope you all had a lovely weekend. I for one spent it at home with my beautiful cousins and my even more beautiful cat! Family is a priority, right under pets. So for all of you out there spending your Sunday lazying around, please enjoy this lovely little number by the man who (we assume) is the king of lazy Sundays, FlyLo!
In the music video, you will encounter a man named Thundercat dressed as a Native American, and a lady dressed as weed, as well as a kick-back tune and some pretty tripped out graphics. We are going to assume this is all you need to know to already be looking forward to enjoying this fine piece of audiovisual artwork the right way! If you like this song, also check out this animated music video for Flying Lotus's "Zodiac Shit".


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