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19 July, 2012

Android Gaming: SpeedX 3D

Tired of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja? Looking for something lighter on your phone, more challenging, more intense, so on and so forth?
Well, look no further. MechanoChameleon has finally unearthed the messiah of Android games, or at least that's what we think it is. At about 7.5 MB, you would not think that Speedx 3D could possibly rival the addicting and generally entertaining popular mobile games that are usually of a considerably larger size and often weigh your phone down.

Think again; this tantalizing obstacle tunnel racer provides extraordinary graphics, appropriate background music, and a decent number of exceedingly challenging levels. This is not to say that the game is super difficult and impossible to beat unless you are a master of mobile gaming, on the contrary, Speedx 3D relies on prowess and concentration, first and foremost, and practice may prove very useful. Remember to stay still just before the level starts, as that is when the game calibrates your accelerometer.
Click on the image below to try Speedx 3D for free on the Android Market. No phone should be without this game! Enjoy ;)


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