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19 December, 2012

Sóley - I'll Drown (Live on KEXP)

We don't usually post live performances but this lovely, melodic tune by Sóley caught our attention at first listen. Sometimes it's a good thing when you can't properly figure out lyrics because it leaves you with room to enjoy the sensuous aspect of a song and avoid looking for meanings that may or may not be there. This applies perfectly to the first time we heard this song: play it in the background, don't stress the words, and enjoy!

15 December, 2012

Music Video: Mogwai - "Travel Is Dangerous"

This is the beautifully animated accompaniment to Mogwai's "Travel Is Dangerous". It earned a spot on MechanoChameleon, not just because we love clever animation, but also because we have been fans of Mogwai for a long, long time, and think they are grossly underexposed. Enjoy these few minutes of art, and let us know what you think!

11 December, 2012

Five Secret Santa Gifts For Your Geek Friends

The festive season is well underway in Beirut and many of you will want to do some gift-shopping this week. So, if you're stuck in a sticky secret Santa situation, or if you're just in the market for a cool present for a friend, check out this list.

"The Flash" Flash USB (35,000 LBP)
The recent trend of comic book film adaptations has created a major interest in DC and Marvel comics. Whether your friend is a long-time fan or a recent convert, they will love this flash USB in the shape of Flash. And if you think your friend would prefer another comic book hero, the flash drive is available in many other character designs.

Star Wars Bobbleheads (30,000 LBP)
For the space/sci-fi geek, you really can't go wrong with Star Wars merchandise, especially seeing as there are over 10 different characters and 3 different designs to choose from. These head-bobbing figures are great desk decorations for any fan of the films.

Frostmourne Key Chain (20,000 LBP)
Most gamers will have played at least one of the Warcraft games at some point in their lives, and any Warcraft fan would tell you that a miniature version of Frostmourne is an awesome thing to keep in your pocket at all times. If your friend hates Arthas, gift them the blade of his nemesis, Illidan, or choose from a number of other Warcraft-themed key chains.

Guy Fawkes Mask (20,000 LBP)
Ever since V for Vendetta, the Guy Fawkes mask has been the face of protests and revolutions all over the world. If you are shopping for a film buff, this awesome mask will make a great wall decoration, and may even come in handy in case of a televised emergency.

Death Note Notebook (30,000 LBP)

Anime geeks are aplenty in Lebanon. Even older folks have seen and loved at least one anime in their lifetime (Grendizer, this means you). Death Note is one of the more widespread animes out there, and has attracted fans from all walks of life. This notebook is complete with the 'Rules' section and a whole lot of blank pages, so it will be useful as well as good looking.

The items listed above are available at Gift Mania, Hamra, Bliss Street.

05 December, 2012

Three Tracks By: The Funeral Suits [Music Videos]

We have been getting some great recommendations recently, and we thought these music videos were worth sharing. The Funeral Suits is a fresh Irish band with an exciting take on the classic Brit Pop genre. These music videos are entertaining to say the least, mainly because they tell a story of sorts, disturbing as it may be. So, if you're up for an interesting yet unsettling set of videos to knock back while you are on your lunch break, this is where you will find them. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

04 December, 2012

Music Video: Marble Sounds - "Sky High"

We appreciate a good animated video, even more so when it is set to the sounds of good music. Today's music video feature is a song by Marble Sounds, a little-known band from Belgium. The animation in the video is strange but simple, sad but sweet. It was recommended to us by the beautiful folks over at Paper Moon, who originally wanted us to post this video by Marble Sound, but we liked this one better! Enjoy!

02 December, 2012

Music Video: Feist - "Mushaboom"

MechanoChameleon's favorite Feist song, "Mushaboom", comes to life in this beautifully executed music video (possibly inspired by Paprika) that takes us on a colorful journey. It begins with the lovely Leslie singing along to her own song, which is playing in the background, and then it quite suddenly explodes into dream-state when her toast slices grow wings and go right out the window. Yep, you heard us. Have a look at this lovely combination of sight and sound, and have a lovely Sunday evening! Enjoy ;)

29 November, 2012

Music Video: Tegan and Sara - "Closer"

We've been excited to see this particular music video ever since the release of Tegan and Sara's first single off their upcoming album. The song is called "Closer", and we loved it at first listen, even though it is a definite departure from the duo's previous works. In fact, the entire album, entitled Heartthrob, is expected to explore new grounds, with the twins shifting further towards what we like to call the "dancey, shakey type sound" they experimented with on their previous album, Sainthood (2009).
The music video premiered a few hours ago on and it has made the hungry Robotic Reptile very, very pleased. Here's what Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara had to say about the inspirations behind this topnotch retro dance tune:
When we were growing up in the 1990s, Tegan and I loved to raid my stepdad's closet for his baggy jeans. I'm talking size 34 to 36 waist, and long enough to be normal for a man standing 6 feet, 4 inches tall. To describe our look as "grunge" or "baggy" or "teenage runaway" is generous and really barely scratching the surface. We thrived during that decade, soaking up the music and subsequent culture and aesthetic that accompanied it. Our friends were our world and we lived for the weekend when we would congregate in living rooms, basements and, sometimes, random abandoned fields where we would dance and laugh and partake in the standard teenage behaviors one associates with people who congregate in fields. It was a special time that we look back on with irrational sentimental fondness. Source
Unfortunately, Warner Music Group won't always let you play the video on our blog, but we had to make this post anyway because we loved it so much. If you can't load "Closer" here, click to watch it on the Mother Ship a.k.a. YouTube. Enjoy!

28 November, 2012

Music Video: The Paper Kites - "Featherstone"

Here's a sweet little midweek tune to keep your spirits high, accompanied by a music video that is simultaneously cute and awesome! Thank you to our friends at Paper Moon for the recommendation :)
Pillow fight in the woods, anyone? Enjoy!

25 November, 2012

Music Video: Flying Lotus - "MmmHmm"

We hope you all had a lovely weekend. I for one spent it at home with my beautiful cousins and my even more beautiful cat! Family is a priority, right under pets. So for all of you out there spending your Sunday lazying around, please enjoy this lovely little number by the man who (we assume) is the king of lazy Sundays, FlyLo!
In the music video, you will encounter a man named Thundercat dressed as a Native American, and a lady dressed as weed, as well as a kick-back tune and some pretty tripped out graphics. We are going to assume this is all you need to know to already be looking forward to enjoying this fine piece of audiovisual artwork the right way! If you like this song, also check out this animated music video for Flying Lotus's "Zodiac Shit".

22 November, 2012

Music Video: Toro Y Moi - "Still Sound"

Happy Independence Day, Lebanon! In other news, we've been hooked on this awesome track since last summer and we thought we'd share it with you. Toro Y Moi is one of many stage names for California artist Chaz Budnick. This guy knows how to make us dance, and he's also really, really cute. Enjoy this funky tune and its accompanying old time-y music video!

21 November, 2012

Music Video: "Weak and Powerless" - A Perfect Circle

This video is relatively NSFW
A Perfect Circle have been known to make wacky music videos. Usually the point is to incorporate some sort of lesson or message into them, but that doesn't always work out, really. Sometimes they just end up with a video of a half-naked lady tossing scared reptiles into a pit. Poor creatures.
So what we're trying to say is we aren't particularly crazy about this video, but the song is really good!

20 November, 2012

Mechanical Chameleon Art: Part III

Our lovely friends over at Paper Moon have been keeping us well entertained with their beautiful paper magic, and last night they surprised us with an awesome birthday present. We loved it so much we decided to feature it as part of our Mechanical Chameleon Art Project. We must say, this is our favorite one yet! Have a look at this (now in 3D!) version of the MechanoChameleon :)

This little beauty is brought to you by a couple of really old timepieces and a whole lot of hard work. Check out the full post here

16 November, 2012

Music Video: Mogwai - "Friend of the Night"

Mogwai is an awesome band, and since it is the Robotic Reptile's duty to bring you awesome stuff, here you go! This is just one of their several mesmerizing music videos (more to come soon!), the song is gentle yet intense, and the music video (which also happens to be slightly insane) matches quite perfectly. Enjoy!

14 November, 2012

Music Video: Father John Misty - "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"

Father John Misty is the name of J. Tillman's new project, and for those of you who don't know, Tillman is the former drummer of one of our favorite bands ever, Fleet Foxes.
Even though Tillman's style represents a great departure from the melancholy countryside sounds of Fleet Foxes, we like his solo initiative so far, especially this music video featuring our favorite Parks and Recreation cast member, Aubrey Plaza! Enjoy, friends.

13 November, 2012

Watch: T-Shirt War! A Stop-Motion Video by Rhett and Link

We love stop-motion! And yes, we'll admit it, we kind of love t-shirts too. This may very well be one of the most entertaining videos we've come by while rummaging through the web. Enjoy!

12 November, 2012

Music Video: Tame Impala - "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"

This is just really, really good! The song is terrific, the video is awesome: this is why we blog!
If you liked this, check out our other blog post featuring the amazing Tame Impala. Enjoy!

09 November, 2012

Music Video: Nadine Khouri - "Rouge"

Nadine Khouri is a London-based artist who has been giving us chills since 2005. The music video (from the album entitled A Song to the City, also available at Virgin Megastore) has been out for quite some time now, and we are sharing it with you guys in anticipation of a rumored full-length album.
The way we see it, "Rouge" is a haunting yet hopeful serenade to the decadence of a generation. Sound too artsy? Just watch the video then, and as always, enjoy!

07 November, 2012

Music Video: Tegan and Sara - "Alligator"

Tegan and Sara are one of our favorite bands ever. And this is one of our favorite Tegan and Sara songs ever. The music video does not disappoint: it's got the lovable twins doing a rain dance of some sort, Sara rescuing Tegan from an imaginary igloo in what we assume is a return to their childhood memories (we could have it all wrong here, but it's fun to think about), and all in all it just puts us in a much needed winter mood! Have a look at this lovely combination of sight and sound.

06 November, 2012

Music Video: Feist - "I Feel It All"

This song has been on our list of favorites for about a year now! We thought we would share the exciting music video with you guys: musically synchronized fireworks anyone?
You may be familiar with the lovely Leslie Feist after she took a short break from her work with Broken Social Scene to start a solo career. If you're not, you should be! Have a listen below ;)

01 November, 2012

Music Video: Little Dragon - "Brush the Heat"

Little Dragon is definitely one of our favorite newly found bands, even though the Swedish lot have been around in the electronic music scene for quite some time now. Our favorite Little Dragon tune (and many others' I'm sure) is called Ritual Union, but today we're featuring another one of their songs that is accompanied by an awesome music video. Enjoy!

31 October, 2012

Music Video: Grimes - "Vanessa"

So a lot of people who have seen this music video are intimidated by it. Some of them have suggested that everyone in it is high. But hey, we love it! We think the song is really good, also Grimes is hot. The video is a trip and is directed by Grimes herself.
To those of you who are thinking "This is the work of the devil!" we would like to say: get the fuck out of our blog. I mean really people, it's no worse than Lady Gag*. And at least this is good music.
Give this controversy a listen and let us know if the video is too weird for you and why. Enjoy!

*More on Lady Gag here.

30 October, 2012

Music Video: Husky - "Tidal Wave"

We are always on the look out for well-made animated music videos, old & new, that will trip us out. Today we found this gem; a simple little tune and lovely animation, always an excellent combination in the MechanoChameleon book. Have a look and tell us what you think!

28 October, 2012

Music Video: Slowdive - "When the Sun Hits"

You know when you see something and you're like "Woah, that is so 90's"? Well, we are quite confident that what you are about to see is going to be your "so 90's" thing of the day.
Released in 1993, and even then pretty obscure, this song has come back to haunt us, along with its highly pixelated music video that seems to have been tape recorded off of MTV back in the day when it still had some style. Enjoy!

25 October, 2012

Music Video: The Reason - "We're So Beyond This"

This black-and-white in color, hipster-before-hipsters, 5-year-old music video has been in our vaults for quite some time now, and we figured it was time we release it into the Robotic Reptile.
The song is a punk break-up ballad, but we do mean that in the best sense possible. Our favorite part about the tune though is the music video, which features Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara (our favorite band!) looking particularly cute, as well as some neat contrast. Have a gander!

24 October, 2012

Music Video Double Bill: Etyan and the Embassy - "Everything Changes" (Plus the Star Wars Edition!)

With Halloween coming up in less than a week, we thought we'd entertain you as well as stimulate your costume designing skills! This music video set a world record: the vocalist takes on 18 different costumes, all legendary icons in the world of music, and is edited zero times. That is impressive stuff. Thank you Yara Z for this and a whole bunch of other recommendations!

Next is the Star Wars edition of this very same music video. Quite a bit sillier, but you will definitely appreciate this if you are a fan. Warning: The song will be stuck in your head for a potentially long time.

22 October, 2012

Music Video: Animal Kingdom - "Strange Attractor"

We're going to pretend this country is not in ruins and just keep doing what we do.
Having said that, you should know that this is a creepy post. The band is creepy, the actress is creepy, the video is creepy. But in a good way.

19 October, 2012

Music Video: Blur - "Out Of Time"

Today's post is in remembrance of all the violence and death we have sought in the name of power, and a reminder that we really are "out of time". Our hearts go out to the injured, and to all the families and friends of the people who passed away in today's attack on Lebanon.

18 October, 2012

Music Video: Oren Lavie - "Her Morning Elegance"

An oldie (relatively), but a goody!
You already knew we love stop-motion, and this takes it to an awesome new level. The song is a sweet and easy tune, but it's the video we really liked.

27 September, 2012

Music Video: Grizzly Bear - "Yet Again"

This lovely tune by Grizzly Bear is accompanied by a hypnotizing music video that we thought felt a bit like a 5-minute David Lynch film. Enjoy!

18 August, 2012

Music Video: Iron & Wine - "Naked As We Came"

Here's a short but sweet tune we've always liked. It's an oldie but a goody, and we only just recently saw the music video and thought it was worth a look at. Enjoy!

25 July, 2012

Music Video: Blockhead - "The Music Scene"

This music video was recommended to us a while back by our buddy Jubran of Paint Up, and we loved it! A few days ago, it was randomly re-recommended by a lovely young lady, and we realized we hadn't posted it on MechanoChameleon to share the trip with our readers. So, to keep it short and sweet, here's the disturbingly colorful music video to a pretty funky tune called 'The Music Scene' by Blockhead. Enjoy ;)

19 July, 2012

Android Gaming: SpeedX 3D

Tired of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja? Looking for something lighter on your phone, more challenging, more intense, so on and so forth?
Well, look no further. MechanoChameleon has finally unearthed the messiah of Android games, or at least that's what we think it is. At about 7.5 MB, you would not think that Speedx 3D could possibly rival the addicting and generally entertaining popular mobile games that are usually of a considerably larger size and often weigh your phone down.

Think again; this tantalizing obstacle tunnel racer provides extraordinary graphics, appropriate background music, and a decent number of exceedingly challenging levels. This is not to say that the game is super difficult and impossible to beat unless you are a master of mobile gaming, on the contrary, Speedx 3D relies on prowess and concentration, first and foremost, and practice may prove very useful. Remember to stay still just before the level starts, as that is when the game calibrates your accelerometer.
Click on the image below to try Speedx 3D for free on the Android Market. No phone should be without this game! Enjoy ;)

10 July, 2012

Mechanical Chameleon Art: Part II

The Robotic Reptile art collection is a slow-moving but infinitely interesting project we took on quite a while ago. Back in February, we posted artist Wissam Eid's interpretation of the MechanoChameleon, and it was awesome! We would now like to present all you lovely folks (all three of you!) with yet another off-the-wall interpretation of our blog mascot, this time from a random photoshopper on reddit called thebejesus, and he/she calls this one Terminator Chameleon. We give this little guy a solid 10 for being so bad ass. Check it out!

28 May, 2012

Music Video: Ok Go - "Needing/Getting"

I'm sure you've all gotten used to having your minds blown by the music video antics of Ok Go, but whether you're a fan and have seen this before, or you have never even heard of Ok Go until just now, this one will always leave you in awe. Get in the mood and check out this masterpiece!

25 May, 2012

Music Video: Little Dragon - "Twice"

We figured it would be legit if we started calling this a "music video blog", that way we would not feel so guilty for constantly posting music videos.
Now that we've settled that, back to business. We are continuing our search for terrific music that happens to be accompanied by creative visuals. Today's ear/eye candy is a track by one of our new favorite bands, Little Dragon. Have a look and tell us what you think. And as always, enjoy!

23 May, 2012

Music Video: Orcas - "Arrow Drawn"

It's been a while, folks, but we are finally back with a fresh music video.
If you're a fan of MechanoChameleon, you will know of our deep-rooted commitment to finding, testing, and bringing to you some of the underground music industry's trippiest tunes. And so, by recommendation from our (no longer resident!) music & film guru Heavy G, here it is: a beautiful music video to the soothing melodies of Orcas. Enjoy!

23 February, 2012

Mechanical Chameleon Art: Part I

 The internet is an awesome place. Recently, we went on a digital cruise of our favorite online hangouts (i.e. reddit & Twitter) and found a few folks we thought were cool and talented. We asked them to do custom interpretations of the Robotic Reptile in their own personal style, and we are now releasing the first and most twisted part of this mini-project. We're calling it Mechanical Chameleon Art. It sounds appropriate, don't you think?
 Artist Wissam Eid had probably never even heard of MechanoChameleon, but he seemed excited about the idea nonetheless, and presented us with this beautiful interpretation within a few hours of our request. Find out more about Wissam by clicking the image below. Hats off, my dear sir.

20 February, 2012

Music Video Double Bill: Radiohead's "No Surprises" & Regina Spektor Cover

If you check in on MechanoChameleon often, you'll notice that we can't go too long without posting a Radiohead music video. We probably don't need to explain this to most of you, so, without further ado, here's the absolutely amazing video for Radiohead's "No Surprises". And because it's such a great tune, we've followed it up with a video of the beautiful Regina Spektor's live performance of the song. It really does not get any better than this folks. Enjoy!