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27 October, 2011

Listen: Seasonal Affective Disorder: Music for Your Winter Depression

Well, now that the rush of beautiful colors and images that was Summer has finally washed away, we're willing to bet that some of you are starting to feel that old Winter-y sadness crawling up on you and settling comfortably near the fire. (You probably don't really have a fire going. But how cool would it be if you did?) Folks, there's a name for that crap feeling you get when the morning sun takes a backseat to grey clouds and gloomy weather, Seasonal Affective Disorder. You probably only have a heavily diluted version of this, but still, it sucks. We know.
Sometimes, a little bit of music to accompany you in your Winter wallowing can be quite helpful. So, in the interest of pleasing your sorrow-stricken ears, we present to you this playlist; carefully selected and compiled by the Robotic Reptile (that's us), and brought to you straight from our cozy living room couch. Have a listen!


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