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05 August, 2011

Play: The Humble Indie Bundle [A.K.A. Shut Up and Take My Money]

If you're into video games and have never heard of the Humble Indie Bundle, I suggest you do a bit of light reading right here.
I'm embarrassed to say that I only found out about this terrific little website very recently, and it is needless to mention that I was immediately interested in what these guys had to offer. What we have here is an offer that you really cannot refuse. The current deal on Humble Indie Bundle (expires August 9) is for six awesome games. And the great thing about HIB is that you can pay literally as much as you want (but don't buy the package for $0.01, only assholes do that) Pay more than the average price (usually around $5.00) and you get five more great games.
We're not talking about Farmville either, these people mean business; the offer leaves you with 11 fantastic indie games including Machinarium and Braid. If you were to buy all 11 games separately, it would cost you somewhere close to $50.00, so this is a great bargain to say the least! And, if all that isn't enough, whatever money you pay will go to charity, and you get to decide how much goes where. We nabbed this sweet deal just last night, and we're already hooked on Cogs and OsmosGet the bundle here!

So I'm not great at Photoshop, sue me.


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