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12 August, 2011

Organize Your Life: Gaming, Books, and Film

Some call it organization, others call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Either way, we like lists, and we're constantly looking for means to organize our interests into digital lists or onto virtual shelves. The following post contains recommendations for what we think are the best/most efficient websites to organize your video games, books, and movies.

Gaming: Darkadia
I discovered Darkadia not long ago, and it just so happened to be exactly what I was looking for. A database containing almost every video game ever made, simple yet handsome interface, and the ability to tag each of your games as follows: Owned, Played, Finished, Loved. The database also provides users with detailed information about each added game.
Best of all, Darkadia lets you display all your games in a smooth shelf-style library accessible by all. Check out MechanoChameleon on Darkadia and start your own collection!

Books: Goodreads
Goodreads is quite the large community. On the website, you can add particular editions of books to your library, as well as label them 'Read', 'To Read', or 'Currently Reading'. You can also rate each book out of 5 stars and discuss it with others. Chances are you know a handful of people who already sport a respectable library on Goodreads, but if you don't, we suggest you invite as many interested people as possible; Goodreads is as much about connecting with and viewing other people's libraries as it is about organizing your own books. You can find MechanoChameleon on Goodreads right here.

Film: Mubi
This was our most difficult decision; there are so many movie websites out there and each one provides certain services that other websites don't. Of course, the master of all film websites is IMDb, but we were looking for something a little bit less cluttered with ads, and we found Mubi. The website allows you to rate films out of 5 stars, select your favorite films and directors, as well as mark other films with a "Want to watch" tag. Mubi provides users with the ability to sign in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, thus making it easier to connect with friends. Click here to check us out on Mubi!


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