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27 July, 2011

Summer 2011: Five Things I Couldn't Live Without

Summer in Beirut can be a bit too hot and humid sometimes. You will inevitably find yourself spending a lot of time on the beach or by the pool, taking refuge in the mountains or setting up picnics in the garden (if you're lucky enough to have one)
And if, like myself, you enjoy playing slightly loud kick-ass music at pools, mountains, and gardens, etc. but can't be bothered to carry around a huge iPod docking station, you will find that these tiny little fellows are just the thing for you.
Never leave home without it!
It may look small at first, but this little thing can play music at a disturbingly high volume, and has a 3.5 mm jack that connects directly to your phone or mp3 player.

Lazy bastards like me know that, besides birdwatching, the only other outdoor activity that is worth going outdoors for is fishing. And since none of my friends own binoculars, I bummed a fishing pole off of Farah and put up my 'Gone Fishing' sign.
Ah the Mediterranean! It really is beautiful; specifically the part of it that coincides with the rocky shores of Amsheet.
  And that is where I caught my first fish! Thank you Farah :)

I only recently learned that such a thing is now available in stores and "dikkene"s all over Lebanon, and I couldn't help but be reminded of the mysterious goodness of the classic Bonjus Pineapple drink, also known as "haram" Bonjus (and referred to in the colloquial as a "Bonjeeseh") Yes, you know the one.
We know this isn't made of real pineapple. But you have to admit, it does taste magical.
I have spent many an hour waiting for my Bonjus to solidify in the freezer, but no longer will anyone have to endure such injustice.

For all my fellow Ents out there, and to folks who enjoy rolling their own cigarettes. This entry definitely earns us yet another laziness point; why roll a regular-sized cigarette when you can do three in one? That is the wisdom that has been passed on to me by the Red variety of the Smoking brand.
Freakishly large rolling paper. May be used to roll large cigarettes or hung up as curtain. Thanks Youssef!
 These leaves are at least double the size of your average rolling papers, and have as such reduced the amount of time and energy I spend rolling to half the usual quantity, leaving me with more time to play with my cat, as well as with the next and final entry.

This little beauty has come in handy one too many times this Summer. I'm usually more of a PC gamer, but if you live anywhere in good old Lebanon, you will know all about the electrical situation: daily power outage. So, for three hours a day, every day, I am left computerless and completely airconditionless, but never hopeless (Thanks Abdullah! ;) )
Yes, Nina, as I like to call her, keeps me company during these troubled times, and all the talk in the world about 3DS being overrated cannot and will not change my mind on how awesome it is. Glasses-free 3D may become overbearing if you play a 3D game for a really long time, but for those of you who know how to control your gaming intake, it shouldn't be a problem at all. In fact, certain 3D games are actually quite relaxing. Click here for one example.
It won't hurt you if you don't struggle.
The great thing about the Nintendo 3DS is that it lets you play regular non-3D games as well, so if your eyes get tired, you can always turn off 3D or switch to a regular game. I would recommend something along the lines of this!


  1. Seems great to have the first 4 together at once =]

  2. Thumbs up, from the rolling paper to the fishing gear.. Typical Reef at her best :)

  3. The X-Mini thingies... Where can I find them? :O

  4. @Joseph Ch. Virgin Megastore :) grossly overpriced, but worth it nonetheless.

  5. Bonjus <3 Awesomest drink eva!