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15 July, 2011

Five Essential Android Entertainment Apps

All of the apps listed below can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.


StumbleUpon is an engine that allows you to browse the web for pages that suit your specific interests. If you are new to StumbleUpon, check out the website and register here.
This app allows you to take your StumbleUpon favorites, topics, and entire enhanced browsing experience on-the-go. The SU app also introduces a Beta version which allows you to find the best Android Market apps that fit your interests.

NES Emulator

The Nintendo Entertainment System marked the beginning of a gaming era. If you are someone who spent hours as a child playing Super Mario or Bomber Man on NES, you will definitely like this app. It allows you to play NES games on your Android using either the on-screen keypad or your phone's physical keyboard (if you have one). In order to play games, you need to first find them and download them through apps like this. This app is perfect for all you 8-bit freaks out there. It's all much less complicated than it sounds, trust me!


Are you a fan of word games? How about the mother of all word games? Yes. Wordfeud is Scrabble for your Android! You can either play with friends or choose to play with a random stranger. The cool thing about Wordfeud is you can start up several games simultaneously, so you practically never get bored! The app also gives you the option of chatting with your opponent.


The native music players on Android are not always up to par, with users often finding it difficult to play several file formats. Out of the many options for alternate music players on the Android Market, I have found that Winamp serves its purpose best. It plays most file formats without any trouble, and it has a smooth, simple layout; basically, it's the best you can get in music players without all the pointless extra shenanigans.


If you are a fan of geocaching, you're going to love this app. C:Geo allows you to access a database of caches in your area or anywhere else. The application also lets you search for caches by different criteria and save the ones you want to use. A great way to get your essential geocaching info anywhere you are.


  1. You make the best marketing for Android =]

  2. Great list! I already have a bunch you've named as my favorites as well. As far as the others and the NES Emulator, I haven't heard of that one so I'll be downloading that one ASAP! I love me some Donkey Kong and Super Mario! Another app that I've had downloaded for a while now and love is my DISH Remote Access app from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. That app and my Sling Adapter at home lets me watch all my subscribed programming live or recorded on my Android anywhere I go in the world. It's definitely my most favorite app especially since that and the Sling Adapter (for a limited time) are free! :)

  3. @Alyssa Sounds like a pretty handy combination. Also, I'm sure you'll like the emulators; don't forget to get your Pacman on ;)