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06 June, 2011

Top 20 Films of the New Millennium

The following list was compiled by MechanoChameleon and Heavy G. It includes what in our opinion were the best films released between the years 2000 and 2010.

20. Grizzly Man (2005)

◄ Touching documentary by a great filmmaker accompanied by one of the most beautiful soundtracks I have ever heard.

Infinitely entertaining and thought-provoking. Not a great ending though. 

◄ Post 9/11 film making at its best. Intriguing and intelligent plot.

Moving, colorful, and beautiful. A great entry in Almodovar's pantheon. 

◄ Terry Gilliam is the undisputed master of fantasy. For him, it's a serious business.

The life of the mind has never been represented on-screen with such imagination. 

◄ A great start to a great career. Irreversibly great.

Nolan is ushering in a new era of cinema. Mind-blowing. 

◄ Lynch transcends all concepts of film-making, cinema and storytelling. This nightmarish film is a work of modern art.

A film that breaks down all concepts of art, life, love and time. 

◄ The most accurate depiction we've seen of a slow descent into insanity.

A piece of cinema that transcends genres and delves deep into the collective consciousness of America. 

◄ Scorsese bearing the torch of the Hitchcock legacy into the 21st century. Are we the only ones who think it's better than Inception?


An Anatomy of the inner-depth of the Hollywood psyche. ►

◄ Scorsese, DiCaprio, Nicholson and an ensemble cast at the top of their game.

A beautiful symphony of colors and dreams. ►

 Elegantly mind-boggling. 

Epic in every sense. A condemnation of the building blocks of America. 

◄ A spotless film. We can't love this one enough.

The scope of this film leaves us speechless. Cinematic perfection. ►

Got a different opinion? We don't care! But tell us what you think either way ;)


  1. I'm so proud :)


    Anyway, I've watched half of these, and they're all great choices (bookmarked the article, definitely going to watch the rest).

    Zodiac is that good?

  3. Well, I should explain. One of the rules of the list was that both Heavy G and I had to have seen the film. So there are several films that were left out intentionally. Although, I'm not sure Sweeney Todd & The Aviator would have made the list anyway. Maybe if you said Gangs of New York.
    I'm glad you like the post. And yes, Zodiac is THAT good. :)

  4. I havent seen Zodiac, ( ashamed i know! )

    but nonetheless great list! Youve given me some good movies to watch :)

  5. Wonderful post Reefo.. Loving your blog, it's one of my favorites... can't wait to see the movies on the list - except the ones i've already seen :P