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08 March, 2011

Our Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

Okami [PlayStation 2/Wii]
The beautifully animated award-winning Japanese video game that we reviewed last year in our first Sunday Selection includes an original musical score that is inspired by traditional Japanese music, and we think the Okami OST is one of the greatest soundtracks out there, even when compared to film/television scores. You can find the tracks from the Okami OST here.

Lint [Flash Game]
Lint is a free online flash game. The simple graphics and engaging game play are the strong points of this game, but we particularly like the music. Have a go, you'll be hooked in no time!

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 [Play Station 2/GBA/PC]
We've all played at least one of the many riveting Tony Hawk skateboarding video games. My personal favorite is THPS2, but THUG2 has an absolutely awesome soundtrack. All those hours of uninterrupted gaming back when I was 14 were accompanied by some of the most skate-appropriate tunes. Check out the playlist here.

Shadow of the Colossus [Play Station 2]
This amazing adventure is generally considered a sequel to Ico, a game we reviewed a while back here. You will be on the edge of your seat as you venture into mysterious land in search of your enemies. Shadow of the Colossus is a well-known and well-loved game in the world of PS2, partly because of the beautiful accompanying soundtrack. Music is an essential aspect of this game in particular, seeing as it involves much travel through the desolate and often deserted ancient terrain. The OST is downloadable here.

Quest for the Rest [Flash Game]
A short but charming flash game, Quest for the Rest is intended to promote the music of a great band, The Polyphonic Spree, and the point of the game is that you (a couple of the band members) are on a quest to find the rest of the band. The music accompanying your game play is off of their album Together We're Heavy. The combination makes for a beautiful gaming experience.

Tekken 3 [Play Station]
Yet another great franchise on Play Station. Tekken 3 includes original music that was inspired by artists such as The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. The tunes written for this game are optimized for fight mode. Find the Tekken 3 OST here.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [Play Station 2/PC]
Many of us have vented out frustration in Vice City; drive-by's, beating random strangers with a stick, kicking people out of their cars and driving off into the sunset. Best part? The car radio. Besides the hilarious talk shows and crazy ads, the Vice City radio stations played some pretty kick ass tunes. Nothing like cruising in a fictional city bustling with crime to your favorite 1990's music! And the great thing about the radio was that you could change channels and find your favorite frequency, just like in real life. Here is a link to the various radio stations and the songs they feature.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory [Play Station 2/PC]
We think the Chaos Theory OST is even more interesting than the game itself. The in-game music was composed by one of our favorite artists, Amon Tobin, a man who knows his shit when it comes to soundtracks. The album also features beautiful cover art and one SICK poster! Check it out here.


  1. Those are certainly some unconventional choices. This should be right up your alley:

  2. Wow! Great link! It's got one of my favorite tracks from Okami, Shinsuu Plains :)