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25 February, 2011

Smartphones in Lebanon: What's Your Mobile Religion?

So you're looking to buy yourself a brand new smartphone. Well, if you're in Lebanon you probably already know that a lot of folks 'round here have recently converted to the Blackberry conviction, an act which enables one's brain to replace everyone's name/face with a bunch of numbers/letters dubbed the "BB pin". So much more fun than being on a first-name basis, isn't it?
Others are of the iPhone conviction. These are a special breed of smartphone bearers; they are hunters, tracking down their overpriced technological prey, year after year, upgrade after upgrade, forever and ever and ever. In the meantime, Apple are making a handsome profit out of the iPhone congregation, whilst never even having to bother with phone design. "Just make it a little round at the edges, they'll love it." And they did.
There are also those who will go as far as to go out and buy themselves BOTH a Blackberry phone and an iPhone. That's just sad. And it seems to me that as time goes by, the Lebanese smartphone mentality is shifting more and more towards the highly erroneous view which can be summarized as follows:

The following is a highly opinionated review of Lebanese smartphone habits and their pitfalls. You could say it is somewhat of a rough guide for those of you who are considering purchasing a new phone. Let us begin by saying that for the remainder of this post, we will be operating under the assumption that peer pressure is NOT the right reason to buy a phone. Having established the parameters of our quest, let us get down to business:

Blackberry Breakdown
The device can be relatively cheap, but if you are going to activate the Blackberry internet service, you're looking at around $40 a month. So all in all, it's not the best bargain. Note that the Blackberry is currently the only device that allows its users internet access at all times, limited as the available bandwidth may be. Because of the internet capabilities of Blackberry phones, they are considered optimum communication devices since they enable their user to stay connected at all times to services such as Google Talk, MSN, and Whatsapp. The BBM service is a different story; this is where we find things to be quite a bit problematic. If you are someone who does not mind being a click away from half of (if not more than) your acquaintances at ALL times, be my guest. We find that the BBM service pushes it one step too far when it comes to personal space. But that's just us.
Another drawback in the world of Blackberry phones is the fact that they do not offer the wide variety of applications that are currently available for iPhone, which may be enough motive for many to turn to Apple products in search of a better quality and quantity of applications.

iPhone Examination
Where do we begin? The iPhone is quite an attractive phone. I suppose it shouldn't surprise us that there are people out there who would steal for the latest iPhone. (It does, though. Go figure.) Of course there is the aforementioned advantage of application variety: games, widgets, music apps, etc. But is it worth the money? Most people will tell you that if they could afford it, they would definitely buy themselves a handsome iPhone and stare at it all day. "Oooo, shinyyy." And that's the point, the average person cannot afford a brand new iPhone. You see, although Blackberry phones may drain you of your cash gradually, on a steady weekly basis, the iPhone will cost you a hefty chunk of cash. People will get part-time jobs solely for the purpose of saving for an iPhone, and by the time they have enough cash, the next generation of Apple phones will have already been released. Tsk tsk tsk.
We find that it's quite silly to settle for a used iPhone (that will still cost a small fortune) or work overtime just to be able to afford a new one when you can get all the perks and privileges of iPhone and more with other phones.

What? Other phones? Yeah, believe it or not, there are other phones that qualify as "awesome". A whole bunch of phones, actually. Android is an operating system that blows the cool off both iPhone and Blackberry. It is integrated with a number of devices; Motorola, Samsung, HTC, you can even install it on some Nokia smartphones if you know someone who is super tech savvy.
As an example, the video below will illustrate much of what we are trying to say. HTC Evo is one of many devices that run Android:


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