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12 January, 2011

Play: Five Online Games You Should Check Out

This beautifully made point-and-click game is similar in many ways to Machinarium. What can I say? We have a passion for games with awesome art involved. Not to mention the puzzle mini-games throughout Alchemia that are sure to keep you busy for quite a bit (but are nonetheless easier to figure out than those of Machinarium)
There is a full version of the game which you can buy (or download) online, but for now, we suggest you try it out here.

Closure is a combination of simple yet creative layout and tricky but enjoyable game-play. The game includes several levels, so it may take you quite a bit of time to finish this one. The full version of this game is playable here. We fell in love with the mechanics of Closure at first sight; the premise is that you (the handsome stick figure) can carry around orbs of light. The twist, however, is that you can only access platforms/parts of the screen that you are illuminating with your orb. We told you it was tricky!

Yet another game that is illustrated in the most simple yet beautiful way. Don't let it fool you though; Daymare Town is one of the more difficult point-and-click games we've come across, and you'll be relieved to know that the walk-through is available somewhere on the interweb. Of course, we would recommend you try really really hard before you go peaking at the solutions. A small tip, if we may: don't be ashamed to get curious about the small things. And we mean really, really small. Compared to the other games on this month's list, Daymare Town is quite the brain-teaser.  And if you think you're up for more, there's two more episodes of this gorgeous online game. Check them out here.

Okay folks, this is where the list stops revolving mostly around artsy games that have pretty illustrations and fun characters and all that crap. Curveball is a modern day Pong, in 3D of course. What more can I say, son?! Well, actually, I could say a lot more. But I won't. The game speaks for itself quite well, I believe.
Test out your hand-eye coordination skills with this super-modified version of the 1972 classic video game.

The final game in our line-up for this month is Sieger. Like Curveball, this game is on our list, not because of any outstanding artistic quality that it has, but because it's a game of skill and precision. We LOVE to destroy things (virtually), and the object of this game is just that: Destroy the castles! Loot the treasure! Leave no survivors!
The epic music and setting of the game are a plus; levels are named (and, to some extent, fashioned) after actual historical sieges, and the years in which the sieges occurred are indicated. It really is quite an addictive game. Enjoy ;)

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