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22 December, 2010

Play: Machinarium

Machinarium is one of the more awesome games I've played in the last year or so. Remember earlier this year when we showed a growing interest in Point and Click games? Well, here we are, continuing the legacy. This time with a beautiful production by Amanita Design. From the short preview above, you can tell that the artwork on this bad ass isn't a joke, there's A LOT of attention to detail, and this is essential for the game-play. Machinarium also gets a 9/10 for soundtrack selection for having a wide and varied range of ear-pleasing tunes throughout its many complex levels. The Chameleon is warning you, this game will be highly addictive, and unless you're some sort of super genius (or if you're cheating, tsk tsk) it's going to take you some time to work your way through the crazy maze that is Machinarium. Play the demo, and if you think you can handle the full version, go ahead and buy it! (Of course by "buy it" we mean download it illegally off the internet) Hey! Who said that?! We don't encourage software piracy on this blog! (Torrents rule!)
Enjoy the game! :)


  1. I make a point of paying for indie games. Smaller development teams are more prone to take risks, push the envelope, and deliver something new. Big publishers who put out sequel after sequel of the same tired crap can eat a bowl of dicks.

  2. Interesting culinary choice there, Anonymous!
    However, I do see your point. :) The same could be said about most independent industries, I suppose.