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28 December, 2010

2010: The Year's Most Awesome Concert

Two-thousand and ten was a disastrous year for music-oriented events in Lebanon. Or at least it would have been if it wasn't for the legendary Gorillaz stopping by for a much appreciated visit last July. Aside from the eight-hundred million House music events that took place throughout 2010 (and that don't really count on this blog), it seems to me that the musical standards were lowered considerably by this year's selection of both local and international concerts/events. Although congregations like The Beirut Groove Collective did strive to improve the quality of music that is being provided for the Lebanese public, the concert world was not following good trends. If we could tell Byblos International Festival what we thought of their lineup this year, we would say something like: "Really, Byblos festival? I mean, Riverdance is pretty and all, but no, seriously... really?" But we would apologize afterwards for being so rude, and thank Byblos festival for having the sense to sponsor at least one absolutely awesome show in 2010. We present the official MechanoChameleon award for Most Awesome Concert of the year to the Gorillaz, for a performance that was part of their Escape to Plastic Beach world tour. The show featured special treats along the lines of De La Soul and Bobby Womack, as well as an interesting performance by the Syrian National Orchestra.
Photos by Heavy G.

Shiny Happy Damon
Bobby Womack!
Heavy G runs into Posdnous from De La Soul before the show


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