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14 October, 2010

Music Video: Laura Veirs' "July Flame"

We have been Laura Veirs fans ever since her 2007 album Saltbreakers. The video posted below is off her most recent album (Jan 2010) entitled July Flame. Veirs has a very peculiar sound, and I must say, it took us a while to get used to her over here at the MechanoChameleon headquarters. But, like all acquired tastes, Laura Veirs sounds better and better each time you listen to her. Even though we absolutely love her earlier works (songs like Don't Lose Yourself and Pink Light are MC classics), we do find the latest single, July Flame, to be a great technical, lyrical, and musical improvement on Laura's last album. The video is totally warped, and it wouldn't have worked better any other way. More stop-motion entertainment for you guys!
Veirs' writing style has always had supernatural, absurdist, and monstrous elements to it, and this music video really brings out her unique voice.
A July Flame is actually a type of peach; Veirs' marketplace inspiration for the album name :) Enjoy!


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