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06 September, 2010

Sunday Selection: Where is Your Inner Elephant?

If you feel huge, overly emotional, or incapable of forgetting, don't fret. It's just your inner elephant. We all have one (I think), and what better way is there to connect with the oversized mammal that is lurking in your cerebral cortex than to feed it? Sadly, this process will not require massive amounts of peanuts. In fact, it does not involve ANY peanuts whatsoever (unless you want it to [unless you're allergic to peanuts, like my cousin]) Inner elephants are sustained with a strict diet of musical goodness, awesome films, and of course, hours upon hours of zombie-style video gamery. Does the phrase "video gamery" exist? Is it even a phrase, technically? I'm not sure about all that crap. But I do know a couple of good titles that you can check out over the week. Here are this week's picks, and until next Sunday, keep those elephants well-fed and out of harm's way ;)

Watch: eXistenZ (1999)

David Cronenberg, the man behind some of the greatest and most beautifully twisted films of the last 30 years, is often referred to as the "Baron of Blood". In eXistenZ, Cronenberg combines his warped sense of vision with a plotline that is made to blow your mind: the film is set in the future, and Jennifer Jason Leigh (who is by far the star of the film) is the creator of a new generation of VIDEO GAMES! In short, this film is MechanoChameleon's ultimate fantasy come true. Why is Jude Law holding a half-eaten chicken leg on the film poster? We'll let you find out for yourself. Heavy G gives this week's film a 9.2/10 for "beating The Matrix at its own game" and "summing up Cronenberg's pantheon of weirdness". Amen!
Watch the trailer here.

Listen: Pink Moon (1972) - Nick Drake

Despite being criminally underheard, Nick Drake is one of MechanoChameleon's official Musical Heroes. In the very short time that he spent on our beloved planet Earth, he managed to write and perform three of the most ear-gasmically beautiful albums that are at once sad and ingenious. Pink Moon was Drake's final work, and if you've heard some of his earlier songs, you will surely notice the ascending melancholy; while Drake's first and second album left room for hopeful sentiments now and then, Pink Moon (we feel) represents the beginning of Drake's decline, as it was released two years prior to his death, and holds within its folds a treasure of sorrowful tunes and simple yet captivating poetry. Our favorite track, and this was a difficult decision to make, is the three-minute gem entitled "Place To Be". Nick, wherever you are, we salute you.

Play: ICO (PS2)

Here at MechanoChameleon, we understand that you probably haven't had a steady job in over 15 years and can't afford that super expensive game console that your girlfriend's brother has but never uses, so we're here to supply you with the best PlayStation 2 recommendations until you can finally manage to get your hands on a Nintendo Wii. Have no fear, the world will never run out of good PS2 games, so even if you're still collecting 500 L.L. coins from the back of your aunt's living room couches in 2034 in the hope of buying the latest game console, we'll probably still have a few good games up our sleeve. Ico is this week's pick in video games; the setting is somewhere in the ancient far east. A group of warriors escort you into an eerie yet beautiful castle with the intention of leaving you there to die. And the adventure begins.
Graphically, Ico is flawless. The plotline, the characterization, and the intellegently contsructed gameplay are but a few of Ico's outstanding characteristics. Enjoy!


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