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22 September, 2010

Sunday Selection: Exit Summer

The absolutely stifling heat has finally given way to more acceptable (still pretty hot) weather conditions. Autumn has officially begun, and I can't wait to spend the winter under my warm, dry sheets while other people wake up on rainy mornings and go to their miserable jobs/courses. I'll admit that unemployment tends to put one in a tough social position; I mean, the group I get along with best these days is my action figure collection. Still, in spite of all its creepiness, being agoraphobic definitely has its perks. For example, right now I can name at least three things off the top of my head that you can do to make good (no, great!) use of your free time. In fact, that is exactly what I'm going to be doing for the remainder of this post. And the more free time, the better. :)

Watch: Adaptation. (2002)

Adaptation. is a film by Spike Jonze, the man behind Being John Malkovich. Charlie Kaufman (the man who wrote the screenplay) is one of MechanoChameleon's top 5 writers in film history. Kaufman is behind some of the most beautifully written movies including Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If you know nothing about Charlie Kaufman, Adaptation. is a perfect place for you to start. Not only does Nicolas Cage play Kaufman himself, but he also plays the writer of the film while he is writing the film itself. Not making much sense? Well, watch the film and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. We're certain that you will be pleasantly surprised with the unforeseen twists and the rather light humor that is dispersed throughout the film. It's a fun film all in all, but I think if you listen carefully, you just might learn something cool about orchids, or life :) Enjoy!

Listen: Let it Die (2004) - Feist

The beautiful and talented Leslie Feist has a voice that will make you pee your pants. Yes, yes, more Canadians. But this one is special! This particular 2004 album is an absolute hit here at the MechanoChameleon offices (recently moved from my grandmother's living room to a more appropriate workspace, with a larger TV screen, I might add) We highly recommend Let it Die for all of you out there who enjoy a spot of laid back, chilled out tunes. Here is a link to the dream-like music video of "Mushaboom", one of our favorite tracks on the album. For further listening, we recommend "Lonely, Lonely", "Inside Out" (an awesome Beegees cover), and of course the drowsy little tune the album is named after, "Let it Die".

Play: Retro Sabotage

Welcome to the 8-bit experience of Retro Sabotage. If you click the former link, it will take you to a website that is dedicated to making parodies of the popular Nintendo NES classics. Games including Super Mario, Pac Man, Pong, and Space Invaders, are parodied (in a rather skillful manner) and the player is allowed to do things that are usually forbidden in the original classic games. There are several games to choose from, and none of the parodies are too long or too boring, so worry not, you will probably be able to play them all! And since we're on the topic, here is a link to a version of the classic Duck Hunt game that will actually allow you to SHOOT THE DOG! Yay! :)


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