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15 September, 2010

Sunday Selection: Bekhsous el Khlous

So what's the deal? Is it crazy season? Or maybe it's just my circle of "peeps". But honestly, everyone is going insane. Personally I think it's the unnecessary amounts of alcohol(ism) going around in the country. I mean, listen, I don't mind the stuff, but have you seen how much people drink? Apparently, the average Lebanese drinker will knock back about five beers before working up "a minor buzz" (yes, I actually went out for a change!) I think that's too much. Five beers! It's too much, right? I know. Beirut is floating on an ocean of "munkar". But then again there's all kinds of other crap that may lead one to potential marble-loss, more so in lovely Loubnan than in other places. Unemployment? Maybe, but not if you know how to plan right. Do we have a plan for you, unemployed person? Well, we might. Read on :)

Watch: Withnail & I (1987)

British comedy. That's all I have to say for this one really.
But no, seriously. Bruce Robinson is the writer and director of this week's film; a smooth-yet-sharp, wildly entertaining and (dare I say) moving comedy. Withnail (Richard E. Grant) has to be one of our favorite characters of all time. Imagine a man, a very worn out man of almost 30, drenched in English rain, reciting Hamlet with a bottle of '53 Margeaux ("best of the century") in hand. And now imagine the same man pointing a double-barreled shotgun into a river in the countryside in an attempt to procure dinner. The hilarious/beautiful/wild moments that I can recount from Withnail & I are countless. The dialogue is almost always rib-cracking and the characters (probably based on real people who were involved with Robinson in the sixties) are easily lovable (or despicable for that matter) My personal favorite is Danny (Ralph Brown) who claims, at some point during the film, that all hairdressers are in the employment of the government. Heavy G gives Withnail & I a 9.1 out of 10 "for being one of the funniest and wittiest comedies ever made, and containing the craziest array of characters, situations and one liners to grace a film screen!" Here is a link to the official Withnail & I drinking game. Oh dear.

Listen: So Jealous (2004) - Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara, MechanoChameleon's favorite musical twins. So Jealous is their fourth studio album and, we believe, their best. It's no myth that most of today's good music is coming to us straight from the Canadian territories, Tegan and Sara being our prime example. The album is interesting to say the least; it was released exactly 6 years ago today, and is a celebration of melodic neo-punk and quick yet catchy tunes. It's truly difficult to name just a few tracks as our favorites because the album is fantastic in its entirety. Here is a link to the music video of the first single off the album entitled "Walking With A Ghost". The track was later covered by The White Stripes, and the peculiar pair even released a (absolutely epic) music video.

Play: Cryptograma

Cryptograma is an online word puzzle by Alicia Ramirez. A cryptogram is a sentence or phrase in which every letter has been replaced with a certain symbol. Your job is to figure it out. Cryptograms are never really as difficult as they seem at first. This particular game is based on quotes, so note the source on the bottom of the page because it can help. Cryptograma has kept me actively engaged for hours, and I hope that it will bring you as much joy as it has brought the MechanoWriters in the past couple of weeks. Play it here!


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