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07 September, 2010

Music Video: OK Go's "End Love"

This absolutely sock-knocking music video (thank you Stephanie!) by OK Go features a stop-motion sequence that will give you the impression that it's all been taken in one long shot, but in fact, the actual filming process must have taken at least a couple of days, as you can see. We enjoyed it so much that we decided it deserves a mention on the page. The video is available on the band's webpage for free download; part of the new open source approach that they have adopted with regards to their music. OK Go are known to have always been on top of the music video scene, having won a Grammy award for best music video in 2007. The song, entitled "End Love", is a classic OK Go feel good tune; two thumbs up to the video and the song both.
On a totally different note, if you're a fan of stop motion, take a look at this. Enjoy!

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  1. no one's gona find ya when you're hiding in the dark ;)