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30 September, 2010

Music Video: The Dresden Dolls "Coin-Operated Boy"

The Dresden Dolls, or the odd couple as we like to call them, released this song in 2004. Besides being pretty funny, the song is written and performed by the lovely and talented Amanda Palmer, who, together with Brian Viglione, formed The Dresden Dolls back in 2000. Palmer is quite the controvercial figure in mainstream media, and her recent solo attempts have been more than successful. Ben Folds performed on and produced her 2008 album entitled Who Killed Amanda Palmer, and you know that our hats are always off to Ben. Some of Palmer's interesting musical influences include Death Cab for Cutie and Neutral Milk Hotel. Check out the video below, and here is a link to a parody of "Coin-Operated Boy" made by some folks at an internet humor site, a song in response entitled "Beer-Activated Girl". Enjoy!


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