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23 August, 2010

Music Video: Kaki King's "Pull Me Out Alive"

The King has dropped some pretty good tunes in past albums. My all time favorites remain unchanged, "Night After Sidewalk" from her 2003 album entitled Everybody Loves You, and of course, "Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers" from ...Until We Felt Red (2006). The music video is from her 2008 album, Dreaming of Revenge, and on the whole I think it's safe to say that the album was a success; "Pull Me Out Alive" is just a small sample of the awesomeness of Dreaming of Revenge, but if you plan on doing some "further listening", allow me to recommend a track entitled "So Much For So Little". You will be particularly delighted with this last song if you're well-acquianted with her older, less vocal songs.
Kaki King's 5th and most recent album was released earlier this year, and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy, so look out for a review soon. Yes, I'm talking to you, readers. Both of you. The album is called Junior and according to the official site, the basis of the album was "Espionage, particularly the idea of living a double life". Sounds good to me.


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