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29 August, 2010

Sunday Selection: Death In Beirut

Sundays are shite. Everyone knows that. What can we do to make your Sundays a little less suicidal, you ask? Well, a lot. In fact, the following post provides detailed recommendations which (if you follow) could potentially keep you busy for hours. Between running down to the nearest DVD rental place and finding a good quality version of the music to pirate off the interweb (but downloading music is illegal, I'd never do it...never ever), and of course the countless hours you'll be spending on today's gaming recommendation, well it looks like Sunday won't be so boring after all.

Watch: Quelques Jours en Septembre (2006)

A Few Days in September was written and directed by Santiago Amigorena. The film is about undercover agents, and is shot on location in some of the most beautiful spots in Europe, including but not limited to the city of water, Venice. The film explores several topics, spanning from human relationships of all kinds to the underground operations of international espionage. The ending, whether you see it coming or not, is quite mind-blowing. Practically every frame of the film is visually perfected; in one of my favorite scenes, Juliette Binoche (who pulls off one badass agent, by the way) takes off her glasses and the entire screen fades to a blur for quite some time, finally when David (Tom Riley) asks her why she always takes her glasses off, she places them carefully back on and says, "to see things differently". If that isn't ambiguous enough to spark your interest, how about this: a deranged, cold-blooded homicidal John Turturro, reciting William Blake's "The Tyger" after another successful murder. I'll stop there, wouldn't want to ruin it for you.

Listen: For Emma, Forever Ago (2008) - Bon Iver

Resident movie and music critic here at MechanoChameleon, the one and only Heavy G, gives this one an 8 out of 10 for "sublime melodies and a perfect melange of pop and folk". I can't but agree, Heavy G, this is a pretty good album. Granted it may get a little bit melancholy at times, but I suppose if you're in that kind of mood (and people here often are), it makes for a great listen. After just nine little tracks, you'll start to feel it. What is that you feel? We like to call it 'appreciation'. It's a good feeling. One thing's for sure, Bon Iver's calm, almost unworldly sound gets this album a spot on our top 100 picks of the decade (a fictional list, as yet).
Did you know that 'Emma' is actually a variation of 'Erma'?

Play: Neutral's Room Escape Games

Some genius over at this website has created a number of games that are referred to as 'room escape' or 'point-and-click' games. You may have heard of point-and-click games, but trust me, you haven't played the real deal until you've played Neutral's Room Escape games. The point of these sorts of games, for those of you who aren't veteran online gamers, is that you slowly work your way out of a room you are trapped inside by closely inspecting your surroundings for clues and threads. They are the ultimate in brain-teasing games, and sometimes you will need to resort to the walkthroughs (it's not cheating, it's having the courage to admit that I need help). Quality animation makes for a perfect simulation of real life, and an enjoyable, though sometimes seemingly impossible game. Neutral's Room Escape games are some of the more well made point-and-click games out there. There are several different options on Neutral's page, our favorites? RGB and Lights. Enjoy!


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