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22 August, 2010

Sunday Selection: The Joy of Unemployment

People will tell you that you can only be unemployed for so long, and then it just gets boring. But those people are lying. If you're broke and living at your grandma's, like me, the only way to escape the afternoon boredom is to immerse yourself in a fine selection of audiovisual experiences. In this post, you will find the highlights of this past week's entertainment, brought to you straight from my grandmother's living room. Nickleback fans, the Sunday Selection is not for you. Over and out.

Watch: Shallow Grave (1994)

Danny Boyle has directed quite a few recognized films, including Slumdog Millionaire, The Beach, the impeccable Trainspotting and A Life Less Ordinary.
When I first saw Shallow Grave I had just submitted my final paper for a course on Films Noir. Let's just say, if you like psycho-homicidal dark comedy, black-and-white film in colour, and Ewan McGregor in the olden days, then this one is right up your alley.
Heavy G, our very own resident movie critic, gives this one an 8.6 out of 10 for "great plot line, kick-starting the careers of Danny Boyle and Ewan McGregor, and razor-sharp DEADLY humor". 

Listen: Yeah Ghost (2009) - Zero 7

Although it may not be my favorite Zero 7 album, Yeah Ghost is definitely a good listen. The album is, as only Zero 7 can deliver, the perfect fusion of funky, laid back beats, brain-tingling electronic melodies, and carefully selected guest vocals. 
In previous albums, Zero 7 have featured Sia and Jose Gonzalez as guest vocalists, both artists are MechanoChameleon favorites and worth a check out. Yeah Ghost features guest vocalist Eska Mtungwazi on a couple of great cuts, including the upbeat "Medicine Man" and the slow and somber "The Road" (a song that actually reminds me of the movie The Road)
The album concludes with a legendary 6 minute instrumental tune. And FYI, legendary is one step ahead of epic. Yep.

Play: Okami (PS2/Wii)

Not a fan of video games? That's ok. (It's not, but anyway) Okami isn't just your average video game; it's a work of art. The gameplay is animated entirely in a style that mimics waterpainting, a homage to traditional Japanese art. The story is loosely but brilliantly based on ancient Japanese mythology. You, a.k.a. Player 1, are the sun goddess, you also happen to be the most bad ass white wolf in video game history.
One downside is that there's no room in Okami for a Player 2. Still, for the lone gamer and the quiet observer alike, Okami is quite the trip. The colors, the music, the odd characters, and the engaging mythology were only a few reasons this game was voted IGN's 2006 Game of the Year. 4 years later, it's still my personal PS2 favorite. Watch the awesome gameplay here.


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