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28 December, 2010

2010: The Year's Most Awesome Concert

Two-thousand and ten was a disastrous year for music-oriented events in Lebanon. Or at least it would have been if it wasn't for the legendary Gorillaz stopping by for a much appreciated visit last July. Aside from the eight-hundred million House music events that took place throughout 2010 (and that don't really count on this blog), it seems to me that the musical standards were lowered considerably by this year's selection of both local and international concerts/events. Although congregations like The Beirut Groove Collective did strive to improve the quality of music that is being provided for the Lebanese public, the concert world was not following good trends. If we could tell Byblos International Festival what we thought of their lineup this year, we would say something like: "Really, Byblos festival? I mean, Riverdance is pretty and all, but no, seriously... really?" But we would apologize afterwards for being so rude, and thank Byblos festival for having the sense to sponsor at least one absolutely awesome show in 2010. We present the official MechanoChameleon award for Most Awesome Concert of the year to the Gorillaz, for a performance that was part of their Escape to Plastic Beach world tour. The show featured special treats along the lines of De La Soul and Bobby Womack, as well as an interesting performance by the Syrian National Orchestra.
Photos by Heavy G.

Shiny Happy Damon
Bobby Womack!
Heavy G runs into Posdnous from De La Soul before the show

27 December, 2010

Internet Interestingness: Awesome Shots of Awesome People

Bowie, Iggy, and Lou Reed
Marlon Brando
Salvador Dali walking his anteater 
Young George Lucas and unfinished R2D2
Chewbacca and Princess Leia caught in the act
Gandalf the Gay
The Beatles getting ready to cross Abbey Road

26 December, 2010

Music Video: Flying Lotus's "Zodiac Sh*t"

Now this is an awesome video! Short but sweet. Kind of reminded me of Air's "Sing Sang Sung" music video. Beautiful animation, and a sick track to go with it. Flying Lotus is the great-nephew of the legendary John Coltrane. 'Nuff said. Check it out!

24 December, 2010

Listen: Three Tracks by Rufus Wainwright

You love him too? Or have you heard about him but never got around to actually listen to his music? (except that one time when you were really drunk at that place and you couldn't be bothered to listen. Hey man, we're not here to judge) You're in the right room either way.
We've selected three tunes by the lovely Mr. Rufus Wainwright that rank high on the 'Songs you Should Listen to Before you Die' list. *Interesting fact: Our statistics department tells us that the Canadians have taken over approximately 70% of the SSLBD list. Please note that numbers and figures are not always accurate due to the fact that 'Songs you Should Listen to Before you Die' is, as of yet, a completely fictional list. Rufus is awesome, nonetheless. Enjoy ;)

Find more artists like Rufus Wainwright at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Rufus Wainwright at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Rufus Wainwright at Myspace Music

22 December, 2010

Watch: "Wake Up" - Arcade Fire featuring David Bowie (Live)

Canada, I love you!
Now that we got that out of the way, let me begin by introducing today's music video: "Wake Up", performed live by Arcade Fire & the legendary Mr. David Bowie. No, it's not "The"Arcade Fire, it's just Arcade Fire, thank you very much :)
We don't usually take much of an interest in video recordings of live performances, but this here video in particular is especially interesting because it includes not one, but two of our revered artists. "Wake Up" was featured in one of the trailers for Where the Wild Things Are last Summer. And just like the fine gentleman who uploaded this lovely video to good old YouTube said, "If you don´t cry watching this, you are dead inside."

Play: Machinarium

Machinarium is one of the more awesome games I've played in the last year or so. Remember earlier this year when we showed a growing interest in Point and Click games? Well, here we are, continuing the legacy. This time with a beautiful production by Amanita Design. From the short preview above, you can tell that the artwork on this bad ass isn't a joke, there's A LOT of attention to detail, and this is essential for the game-play. Machinarium also gets a 9/10 for soundtrack selection for having a wide and varied range of ear-pleasing tunes throughout its many complex levels. The Chameleon is warning you, this game will be highly addictive, and unless you're some sort of super genius (or if you're cheating, tsk tsk) it's going to take you some time to work your way through the crazy maze that is Machinarium. Play the demo, and if you think you can handle the full version, go ahead and buy it! (Of course by "buy it" we mean download it illegally off the internet) Hey! Who said that?! We don't encourage software piracy on this blog! (Torrents rule!)
Enjoy the game! :)

21 December, 2010

Listen: Three Tracks by Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound is a one man band. Bradford Cox, the man behind Deerhunter, started this solo project in 2008. Here are three of MechanoChameleon's favorite Atlas Sound tracks. Enjoy ;)

Find more artists like Atlas Sound at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Atlas Sound at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Atlas Sound at Myspace Music

18 December, 2010

Save the Trees: Creative Christmas Alternatives

TBWA Office: the designer folks on the 6th floor made their very own x-mas tree (mghara, baby Jesus, three kings and all!) using print-outs that would have otherwise been thrown out. Source: Aline K.  

Shankaboot Office: The hardworking kids responsible for the oh-so popular web drama have put together this kick-ass two-dimensional tree. Click on the image for a closer look at the multitude of awesome tiny objects (pez dispenser FTW!) that were used as decorations. Source: Arek D. & Farah N.

(What used to be) M Lounge, Broumana: Mario's Christmas tree from a few years back. Now THIS is creative! :) Source: Sara J.

17 December, 2010

Music Video: Mark Ronson's "The Bike Song"

This tune pretty much summarizes our theory on life and how to live it. Check it out, shake shake!

13 December, 2010

Music Video: OK Go's "Last Leaf"

Our favorite music video makers are back with another awesome stop-motion video, this time perhaps even better than the last. This epic clip is accompanied by the easy going tune entitled "Last Leaf". What a gem! Take a look. The 215 slices of bread used here were all destined for disposal, so no hungry folks were harmed during the making of this video :) Enjoy!

22 November, 2010

Google Celebrates Our Independence

So it's that time of year again, happy Independence Day to all you beautiful people on this end of the Mediterranean!
A lot of us tend to question the meaning of today, seeing as the situation in dear old Lebanon is not as dandy as we'd all like it to be. But not Google. Nope. Today, Google displays the colors of the Lebanese flag on its homepage for everyone to see. Well, everyone with a Lebanon-based IP address, at least. So for all you lovely folks living abroad, away from the man2oushe, the shawarma, and all the other one-dollar culinary delights of this country, observe!

11 November, 2010

Music Video: Radiohead's "Karma Police"

Ok, so we all know and love Radiohead, and yes I'll admit it, we've all seen this video about a million times. But we've decided that the "Karma Police" music video is awesome enough to be seen over and over and over and over again, and thus must be posted on the blog! All the pyromaniacs out there will tell you, this is a f***ing cool video ;) Enjoy!

Radiohead-Karma Police
Uploaded by pghj2005. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

10 November, 2010

Listen: "Super Mario" by RaSh Radio

Have a listen, kids. This here track is all about our all-time favorite, classic video game so we thought you all should check it out :) The artist is an up and coming Egyptian musician who goes by the name of RaSh Radio, and he's a pretty good writer, because we love these lyrics! (Check them out on YouTube)
Props to Nada for hooking us up with this awesome tune. Enjoy buddies!

04 November, 2010

Music Video: Smashing Pumpkins' "1979"

The following video is yet another part of our 'blast from the past' picks. A little bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone. Not a lot, at least. When I watch this video, I remember being 6 years old and watching Beavis & Butthead in my brother's room; sure, people in the nineties were not exactly the best dressers in the world, but you have to admit: music television was at an all time high. And so, to commemorate the greatness of the music videos of the 1990's, we are sharing this bit of Smashing Pumpkins awesomeness with you. Enjoy.

03 November, 2010

Music Video: Modest Mouse's "Float On"

Modest Mouse, you may or may not have heard of the band, but we know you'll like the music video. The song was released on Valentine's Day of 2004, and today, we pay tribute to the video for the sheer amount of audiovisual weirdness it employs. The song is "Float On", one of our favorite Modest Mouse tracks, that appeared on their 2005 album Good News for People Who Love Bad News. Enjoy ;)

30 October, 2010

Skateboarding in Afghanistan

Here is one of our favorite pictures from photographer Noah Abrams's collection on the fresh skateboarding scene in Afghanistan, of all places.

Kinda cute, huh? But if you go here or click on the picture, you'll be able to take a look at the rest of the shots. And I must say, for a war-torn people, those guy have got some pretty sick skating skills. Thumbs up to Mr. Abrams.

28 October, 2010

Watch: Feel It All Around by Washed Out

This isn't the official music video for Washed Out's absolutely awesome, laid back tune "Feel It All Around", but it may as well be! The video, produced by FictionTV, is a total feel-good trip, and so it works quite perfectly with the track. What a stunning final shot! Have a look, you'll like it ;)

27 October, 2010

Music Video: Beastie Boys' "Sabotage"

We enjoy a blast from the past every now and then. And what better video to post than this classic 1994 smash hit? These white boys don't need much of an introduction, so we'll let you get straight to the watchin'! Enjoy ;)

25 October, 2010

Watch: "Beerful": A Short Fuse Film Production

This is the second Short Fuse Film video we feature on the blog. Yes, the boys are just that good. The clip below was filmed and edited by Tony H. Khoury and Karim Koleilat, two thirds of the Short Fuse Film team. The music featured in this video is by Flying Lotus. "Beerful" commemorates the absolutely unbelievable heat of Summer 2010 and documents Rasheed's quest for Almaza, all in a smooth, tasteful style that conveys the peculiarities of Beirut. Enjoy the show below.

24 October, 2010

Watch: The Beatles, Bollywood-style

The MechanoChameleon team (in association with Taher) is proud to present The Indian Beatles, winner of the official MC's Most Ridiculous Video of the Day award. I would like to take this time to personally congratulate each and every person who has worked on this clip. Enjoy :)

Music Video: Bon Iver's "The Wolves (Act I & II)"

You already know we love Bon Iver. And so, for those of you who are relaxing on your balconies at night after a long day of boring work, or even better, those of you who got out of bed just in time to see the very last of the sunset and are looking forward to a slow, lazy rest of the day at home, we give you this music video. It will calm your spirit, we promise.

21 October, 2010

Watch: BBC's "Walk on the Wild Side" Preview

Ah, the BBC! Home to some of the strangest (and the funniest) shows in the world. The following is a preview of a show called "Walk on the Wild Side", and we thought it was pretty funny (thanks Karim!) Check out more previews on the BBC comedy page.
Enjoy, mates!

Music Video: Beck's "Lost Cause"

This is one of our favorite Beck songs. Yes, it's quite old; the album (Sea Change) was released in late 2002, but "Lost Cause" is a classic tune and the music video is worth a watch. Also, consider this an official MechanoChameleon dedication to my very own lost cause: you have perfected all manners of silence, and lost me the game as well as the cause "=]"
Enjoy the video, people!

19 October, 2010

Music Video: Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks"

Grizzly Bear, one of our latest and greatest discoveries. These kids sure do look weird, but hey, so did The Beatles. This song is part of their 2009 album Veckatimest, but the band has been around since way back in 2006, and since their start they have made some pretty good tunes. "Two Weeks" is our favorite track off the album; watch the video below :)
Warning: content is hot and may blow your mind.

Watch: 8-Bit Marching Band

Marching band and video games; as geek as it gets!

Music Video: The Cinematic Orchestra's "Lilac Wine"

We first heard this song off of a Nina Simone record, and it was one of those aural revelations that you have every once in a while. The video below is a cover of the beautiful "Lilac Wine" performed by The Cinematic Orchestra, yet another of MC's favorites. And as if that combination isn't enough, the music video is a trip. Check it out ;)

18 October, 2010

Play: YouTube Snake

So, since most of our work involves waiting for YouTube videos to load, we have discovered that the new version of the YouTube player lets you play the classic Snake game while waiting for videos to load. What you need to do is go to YouTube, make sure you have the new version of the YouTube player (a quick way to tell: the old version has vertical pop-up volume control while the new version shows you the volume control horizontally), load any video and press pause. Once the rotating circle appears on your player screen, press the up or down arrow, and finally, enjoy!

Awesome Alphabets!

Click on the pictures to view more

The Geek Alphabet
The Most Badass Alphabet Ever

The Gamer's Alphabet

The Film Alphabet

Dalton Ghetti's Micro Sculptures

And our favorite :)
The Gashlycrumb Tinies

And while we're on the subject, listen to this awesome track called "The Alphabet" by the talented Mr. Vivek Shraya featuring Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara.

Listen: "Bone Chaos in the Castle" by Kaki King

Another fabulous track from Kaki King's Dreaming of Revenge. Have a listen.

Find more artists like Kaki King at MySpace Music

Also check out our recent post on "Pull Me Out Alive" off the same album.

Watch: Christopher Walken does "Poker Face"

And that is as close to a Lady Gaga post as it's ever going to get :)

14 October, 2010

Music Video: The Bare Necessities (1967)

The following is a part of Disney's 1967 The Jungle Book, one of my personal all-time favorite films. The film has such a great soundtrack that we've incorporated it into our Watching for Sound project. The lyrics are recognizable words of wisdom to anyone experienced in the field of unemployment. Balloo, you are a MechanoChameleon hero by any standard :) Enjoy this blast from the past in HD here.

Are you a Tortoise, or are you a Snail?


Music Video: Laura Veirs' "July Flame"

We have been Laura Veirs fans ever since her 2007 album Saltbreakers. The video posted below is off her most recent album (Jan 2010) entitled July Flame. Veirs has a very peculiar sound, and I must say, it took us a while to get used to her over here at the MechanoChameleon headquarters. But, like all acquired tastes, Laura Veirs sounds better and better each time you listen to her. Even though we absolutely love her earlier works (songs like Don't Lose Yourself and Pink Light are MC classics), we do find the latest single, July Flame, to be a great technical, lyrical, and musical improvement on Laura's last album. The video is totally warped, and it wouldn't have worked better any other way. More stop-motion entertainment for you guys!
Veirs' writing style has always had supernatural, absurdist, and monstrous elements to it, and this music video really brings out her unique voice.
A July Flame is actually a type of peach; Veirs' marketplace inspiration for the album name :) Enjoy!

12 October, 2010

Listen: "Upper East Side" by Experimental Aircraft

Listen to this absolutely awesome song by one of our favorite bands, Experimental Aircraft.

Find more artists like experimental aircraft at MySpace Music

11 October, 2010

Watch: The Cat Piano

The People's Republic of Animation are the ones responsible for the kick-ass clip above (thanks for your recommendation Issan!) with beautiful poetry (and directing) by Eddie White and eerie narration by Nick Cave. The Cat Piano has won several awards since it was released in 2009. If you're a lover of animation, we guarantee that this short film will be right up your alley. Enjoy ;)

30 September, 2010

Music Video: The Dresden Dolls "Coin-Operated Boy"

The Dresden Dolls, or the odd couple as we like to call them, released this song in 2004. Besides being pretty funny, the song is written and performed by the lovely and talented Amanda Palmer, who, together with Brian Viglione, formed The Dresden Dolls back in 2000. Palmer is quite the controvercial figure in mainstream media, and her recent solo attempts have been more than successful. Ben Folds performed on and produced her 2008 album entitled Who Killed Amanda Palmer, and you know that our hats are always off to Ben. Some of Palmer's interesting musical influences include Death Cab for Cutie and Neutral Milk Hotel. Check out the video below, and here is a link to a parody of "Coin-Operated Boy" made by some folks at an internet humor site, a song in response entitled "Beer-Activated Girl". Enjoy!

Music Video: Mayer Hawthorne's "Green Eyed Love"

This here is one of my all time favorite music videos. I read somewhere that the concept of the video is based on an 1895 painting called The Green Muse by Albert Maignan. Mayer Hawthorne is one laid back dude, and his 2009 album, A Strange Arrangement, is definitely on MechanoChameleon's most listened to list. Below is the ubercool music video for the song that got us hooked on Mayer: Green Eyed Love. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. If you liked the song, we recommend that you check out the Classixx remix on Mayer Hawthorne's Myspace page, the track is arguably better than the orginial (and that's saying a lot!)

28 September, 2010

Hamra Lovin'

In the immortal words of random Hamra street stencils (Oh, and The Beatles)

And for those of you who need further instructions on the subject:

This post is braught to you by: Middle-of-the-night emotional outbursts. (And possibly PMS)

Over & out.

25 September, 2010

Music Video: Fleet Foxes' "White Winter Hymnal"

Fleet Foxes are one of our favorite folk bands. Their pure sound and simple music make them easy to love, and they are one of the few contemporary bands with such a complete understanding of the sentimental tune. "White Winter Hymnal" is just one of the many masterpieces that the band has produced thus far. It seems that a new album is being cooked up slowly. You can't rush great music!
The music video is absolutely gorgeous; clay animation and existential metaphors seem to go quite well together. Watch, listen, and enjoy!

24 September, 2010

Music Video: Hot Chip's "One Pure Thought"

Hot Chip: the masters of electropop/rock and the coolest sound geeks on (and possibly off) the planet. Down there is a music video from their fantastic 2008 album entitled Made in the Dark. The song is called "One Pure Thought", and it is by far one of the best songs on the album. The animation in the featured music video is pretty cool, not to mention funny. If you're a fan, more (full album) reviews on Hot Chip will be posted soon! Dance your socks off, and enjoy! ;)

World of Warcraft: Hedwig the Winterspring Owl

   For those of you who are not familiar, this post is about the World of Warcraft MMORPG. The smoking hot Bloof Elf in this screenshot is my Huntress, Anowyn in Moonglade. To the right is her brand new combat pet, Hedwig (Potter fans unite! and check out this page. Ahem). I just tamed this beauty in Winterspring and thought that some showing off is in order.
   Friends, there comes a time in every hunter's life when he/she is forced to make a critical decision: "Do I keep my loyal mountain lion who has been with me since level 23, gotten me through countless battlegrounds unharmed, tanked for me in dungeons, and peed on my armor to mark me as her territory? Or do I move on and find a different, more mature pet? An owl, perhaps? A symbol of wisdom and farsight?" But enough with the baloney. The owl. looks. epic! :) So to all you Alliance bastards out there (on Bonechewer, at least): when you see the blinding white light, that's Hedwig about to "nail yo ass!" (excuse the plagiarism)
   As a tribute to my beautiful Guinevere, the loyal mountain lion, I've decided to post a screenshot of her and Anowyn in the old days:

22 September, 2010

Music Video: Jack Johnson's "Upside Down"

Jack Johnson is a pretty cool guy, don't you think? A few years back when I heard he was doing the original score for the Curious George film, I was pleasantly surprised. The album is definitely worth a listen if you like chilled out surfing-style songs, even though it may be originally intended for kids. This particular video (props to Issan for reminding me how awesome Curious George is!) got a spot on MechanoChameleon because "Upside Down" is pretty much our favorite song off the Curious George soundtrack, and because it's fun to see Johnson "act a fool"! Bring your kids, watch the video, enjoy :)

Sunday Selection: Exit Summer

The absolutely stifling heat has finally given way to more acceptable (still pretty hot) weather conditions. Autumn has officially begun, and I can't wait to spend the winter under my warm, dry sheets while other people wake up on rainy mornings and go to their miserable jobs/courses. I'll admit that unemployment tends to put one in a tough social position; I mean, the group I get along with best these days is my action figure collection. Still, in spite of all its creepiness, being agoraphobic definitely has its perks. For example, right now I can name at least three things off the top of my head that you can do to make good (no, great!) use of your free time. In fact, that is exactly what I'm going to be doing for the remainder of this post. And the more free time, the better. :)

Watch: Adaptation. (2002)

Adaptation. is a film by Spike Jonze, the man behind Being John Malkovich. Charlie Kaufman (the man who wrote the screenplay) is one of MechanoChameleon's top 5 writers in film history. Kaufman is behind some of the most beautifully written movies including Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If you know nothing about Charlie Kaufman, Adaptation. is a perfect place for you to start. Not only does Nicolas Cage play Kaufman himself, but he also plays the writer of the film while he is writing the film itself. Not making much sense? Well, watch the film and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. We're certain that you will be pleasantly surprised with the unforeseen twists and the rather light humor that is dispersed throughout the film. It's a fun film all in all, but I think if you listen carefully, you just might learn something cool about orchids, or life :) Enjoy!

Listen: Let it Die (2004) - Feist

The beautiful and talented Leslie Feist has a voice that will make you pee your pants. Yes, yes, more Canadians. But this one is special! This particular 2004 album is an absolute hit here at the MechanoChameleon offices (recently moved from my grandmother's living room to a more appropriate workspace, with a larger TV screen, I might add) We highly recommend Let it Die for all of you out there who enjoy a spot of laid back, chilled out tunes. Here is a link to the dream-like music video of "Mushaboom", one of our favorite tracks on the album. For further listening, we recommend "Lonely, Lonely", "Inside Out" (an awesome Beegees cover), and of course the drowsy little tune the album is named after, "Let it Die".

Play: Retro Sabotage

Welcome to the 8-bit experience of Retro Sabotage. If you click the former link, it will take you to a website that is dedicated to making parodies of the popular Nintendo NES classics. Games including Super Mario, Pac Man, Pong, and Space Invaders, are parodied (in a rather skillful manner) and the player is allowed to do things that are usually forbidden in the original classic games. There are several games to choose from, and none of the parodies are too long or too boring, so worry not, you will probably be able to play them all! And since we're on the topic, here is a link to a version of the classic Duck Hunt game that will actually allow you to SHOOT THE DOG! Yay! :)